Is the PLFSetL.exe process a virus, spyware or malware?

Process description:

Acer Process (PLFSetL)

Author: ACER
Part of: Unknown
Although not a great deal of information is available on the PLFSetL.exe process, it seems to appear only on Acer laptops and the available scraps of information point to it being related to the laptop's webcam.

If you have any further information, please let us know.
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... did not rate the security threat of this process.
I have it now and my pc is not an Acer. I have an Apache webcam am using Windows 7.
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
What is PLFSetI shown in the start-up tab of msconfig window on my Acer laptop?
... rated this process as unknown
paulo alfaro
I have it on my Acer laptop. I've deactivated it using ccleaner and my webcam seems to function 100%.
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
Vic thompson
This is not a webcam file - I have a Packard Bell without webcam but have the file
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
PLFSetL.exe is on Acer netbooks and laptops, and is associated to Sonic if you are using anything Sonic for AV, then chances are, you have this little guy on there...and NO-ONE that I can find can tell me what the executable does. It is NOT viral, if original...supposedly.
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
It's sonic software, meaning it's not ACER specific.
... rated this process as safe
When I installed Acer Crystal Eye webcam software (Suyin's "Camera_Suyin_v2.0.4_Vistax86x64_XPx86x64") from the official Acer website driver support (under Driver tab), the PLFSetL.exe process was installed as auto-start in MSConfig (which I later disabled from auto-run).

Webcam works perfectly without PLFSetL.exe auto-starting, and curious, PLFSetL.exe does not starts when webcam starts.
... rated this process as safe
have a acer laptop too with suyin installed.
... rated this process as unknown
i have used my Acer laptop for almost 2 years and have not until today received any warnings of this file, but today suddenly my AVG anti-virus goes bananas over this file.

I have not used either Sonic or webcam for many months, and at least not today, when just the normal applications as MS Outlook and Mozilla Firefox has been opened.

When ticking the box "remove as Power User" in AVG, AVG managed to move the file to the Virus Vault. The laptop still seems to work properly (not having tested either Sonic or the webcam).
... rated this process as normal
It is a useless propritary utility from some embedded device. Disable it at start-up.
... rated this process as unknown
Sam Adams
My copy seemed to load after I attached a Polaroid tablet running Android to my USB port. XP said it loaded a driver and required a reboot. Currently running Kaspersky AV with no warnings
... rated this process as safe
Sonya Finkey
I have this in my ACER Aspire One 722 laptop. It has a built in webcam that uses Crystal Eye software. All my scans with Windows Defender and SUPERAntiSpyware come up clean. I've had my Acer for three years with no problems.
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