Types of Online Casino Games and Where You Can Play Them

What Types of Casino Games There Are?

If you enjoy playing real casino games online, you must be informed on the different options that are given to you by the online casinos, as these unexplored territories might cost you extra fun and excitement you are missing. So, if you want to get the best, real casino games online experience, here are the types of games you need to know about. First, we divide the games between online and land-casino games. Online casino games are those you can play at legal online casinos or mobile casino apps like online bingo, online poker whereas land casino games are those you can play at real, traditional casinos like traditional bingo games for example. Second, we have table casino games like blackjack games, poker games, roulette games, and we have slot machine games like the various types of slot games. You can play all these games and get the best no deposit and sign up online bonuses from the French casinos. This is mainly for French players, but no worries, we will recommend later our picks what are the best English casinos for all other people.

Best Free Online Casino Games

The best casino games online you can find, especially for beginners are the different online slots games available at legal online casinos. However, the most exciting games can vary from different fields, and the best games that you must play at least once in your life if you are a gambling enthusiast are the following ones:


All types of poker are one of the best real casino games online, but poker with all of its variation is the most popular one. The best type if the Texas Hold’Em poker, as there are many incredibly large gambling tournaments played in this type of game.


Blackjack games can be quite fast paced after learning how to play it properly, and it’s great for learning the basic principles of gambling.


If you want to test your luck without worrying or thinking too much, this is your game!

Slots games

There are various themes of slot games, making them the best game for beginners and chilled players!

Bingo games

With different variations, bingo games are popular amongst people of all ages!

Where Can I Play Casino Games for Real Money?

If you want to play casino games and win real money prizes, you can always resort to online casino websites and mobile casino apps that require no download of games. Specifically, these casinos offer new games every day, and you can play the best real casino games online without having to go to an actual casino to win real money. Here are the best 5 online casinos that offer best casino bonuses like the no deposit casino bonus you can use to try the games for free:
  1. Mr Green
  2. Royal Panda
  3. BetWay
  4. Grand Ivy
  5. Mansion Casino

Casino Games with Highest Chance to Win

The game on which you are likely to win a lot of money or even the jackpot is not something that’s based on luck, but more likely based on your skill, knowledge and experience. For instance, if you’ve played poker for many years, you have highest chances of winning at poker, because this is based on your skill. However, there are games where you play against the house, and these are the best casino games to play if you want to have highest chances of winning. For instance, in blackjack and roulette games, you bet on red or black, giving you a 50% chance to win if you master the art and skill of blackjack.  
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