Is the PLFSetI.exe process a virus, spyware or malware?

Process description:

Acer Process (PLFSetI)

Author: ACER
Part of: Unknown
Although not a great deal of information is available on the PLFSetI.exe process, it seems to appear only on Acer laptops and the available scraps of information point to it being related to the laptop's webcam.

If you have any further information, please let us know.
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... rated this process as normal
Uninstalling the Acer Crystal Eye webcam software also removed PLFSetI.exe from the system.
... rated this process as normal
Part of Acer laptop
... rated this process as safe
it's absolutely normal - part of the software with acer portables
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
this file is related to the built in TV tuner in acer laptops
... rated this process as unknown
Thanks guys, was a bit worried since it wasn't signed, but still, it would be better if people gave the exact size of the file, in-case some other virus/trojan programmer uses the same name.
... rated this process as normal
Awesome site, every .exe seems to be found here.

Anyway, I have a Packard Bell laptop and found the .exe in the "start up" list, when disable some programs from starting up on boot.
Its not only on Acer,Packard Bell too.
... rated this process as unknown
I have a Packard Bell laptop without tv tuner... Should I be worried? :O
... rated this process as normal
Packard Bell laptops are the same like Gateway, and Gateway is owned by it's basically a big family with different names, so you don't have to be worried. I have an acer with this file and no TV I would go more for the web cam relation.( I did not uninstall the cam myself to test it though)
... rated this process as unknown
Rich H
Found on my Gateway notebook running Windows 7.
... rated this process as normal
Bruno Philipe
This executable is present on my Acer notebook, and apparently is related to the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam (Acer 5930G).
... rated this process as safe
i have Acer timelineX 4820T, and have this running on mine.
digital signature says it's SONIX technology.

win7 x64, c:windowsplfseti.exe, 13th jan 2010 02:47:43
MD5: 17C5E2A94AA1B42D499A5396D67E0B61
... rated this process as dangerous
I just scanned my gateway with Max Secure Spyware detector, and it found the plfsetI.exe and called it malware with it being a critical threat?
... rated this process as safe
Hey guys,

Thought I would clarify what PLFSetI.exe is... It is however the part of your Webcam... As I went into the "MSCONFIG -> Startup". I noticed it to be an ICON of some computer thing.. I was thinking hmm thats cool.. I scanned with the best AV known possible.. ESET Security... So basically what this is, is a system tool for one of your Needed Windows Programs... Hence the picture, and the Date created.. 9/25/2009 for me. Which is about the time the Acer was Bought, that I have.. So guys do not worry about this process... However, be known that it could pop up 2x, and you will have a problem... If you are afraid you have a virus get ESET SECURITY.. 30 Day Trial, and if you like it, buy the PRO for like 1 year ($50)... $50 Investment, can save Thousands of Dollars of INFORMATION.
... rated this process as unknown
I have it on my Gateway laptop with a webcam
... rated this process as unknown
I have a new Emachine with Windows 7. I am running Microsoft Security Essentials and it doesn't detect a threat. I also use Tune up Utilities 2010 and I clean the registry once a week with the one click maintenance. I look in the system start-up every week too as that's a prime place to look if you think you have a virus and when I looked today I saw this PLFSetI and I do not recall seeing it before and I cant seem to find a definitive answer on what it is...
... rated this process as safe
scanned with malwarebytes anti-malware paid version, and avast! internet security, both with latest updates and nothing came up. got acer eMachines E640G running windows 7 64-bit.
... rated this process as safe
I vote this safe, it is installed on Acer PC's.
... rated this process as safe
This is used to check input frequency on the webcam to detect if the computer is getting power from a 50 Hz or 60 Hz source, which reduces flicker on the webcam. That's what it's for.
... rated this process as safe
Does this take up 40-50% of anybody else's CPU? I have a decent laptop - 3GHz processor and 4GB RAM - but this badboi seems to be hogging tons of CPU all the time. Is there any way to reduce the CPU consumption?
... rated this process as safe
Came on my acer with webcam. I vote it's safe too! But also safe to remove from startup list. I don't think it's necessary and didn't see any change after removal.
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
i have a acer aspire 5515 with the plfseti.exe, says mine is default. i dont have any of acers software on here any more. i had problems with them cause windows says theyre malware. i installed full version of win7 and the plfseti.exe installed along with win7. i have webcam suyin driver, external tv tuner.
... rated this process as normal
Every time when i restart my acer laptop wifi is automatically gets turned on . even if i turned off wifi during my previous shutdown. Is this action is done by PLFSetl.exe
... rated this process as unknown
Just an FYI that this is not limited to only Acer laptops. I have a Gateway and I have this in my tasks as well
... rated this process as safe
Safe. Crystal eye webcam.
... rated this process as safe
Do not be alarmed @ this file. It is perfectly safe. Just a file that goes with the webcam for Acer laptops.
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