Is the btdna.exe process a virus, spyware or malware?

Process description:

BitTorrent DNA

Author: BitTorrent, Inc.
Part of: BitTorrent
The btdna.exe process is part of the Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing application 'BitTorrent'. The process runs in the background and is used to accelerate your downloads or HTTP media streams.

The process is considered safe to disable/terminate.
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Common location(s):
C:\Program Files\DNA
Visitor comments
... rated this process as safe
If you need greater control over your downloads, use something like utorrent.
... rated this process as safe
it is 100% safe.
this program is used to accelerate your download speed
... rated this process as safe
it's ok... but not useful
... rated this process as unknown
This will be activated only when you use the "Force download" (Right click on item in the torrent and left click on force download)
... rated this process as dangerous
This process started making pop-up windows in my browser. I also found that it created a trojan virus and a keylogger, when I looked around in my files.

I strongly recommend uninstalling BitTorrent and ending BTDNA.exe with procexp.exe. I didn't do this, and took the easy route,and re-installed Windows XP.
... rated this process as dangerous
Installed "BitTorrent" package along with the "DNA" package.

Uninstalled the package because I no longer need it, but it keeps re-installing. Further, whatever has taken over my system removes MicroTrend's malware protection every time I reboot.

Read "". While the btdna.exe is probably not the virus/trojan itself, it appears to be a major attack vector or is used by the attacking code to move large portions of data around.
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
It's a trojan, do not download hi-jacks your upload and uses all your upload bandwidth.
... rated this process as dangerous
An Anonymous User
While in its self its not dangerous it is vulnerable to hijack by websites and allows them to download files onto a computer without a users consent namely viruses Trojans worms and other forms of malware
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
robin Murison
Could you tell me why btdna.exe is talking to all sorts of other machines on port 34905 when no terrabit streaming is needed. i.e. no one is playing any games. And why port 34905 is not registered
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