Is the Arucer.dll process a virus, spyware or malware?

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Author: Energizer
Part of: Energizer Duo Monitor
Arucer.dll is installed by the software which monitors the 'Energizer Duo' USB charger product, a computer peripheral for charging your batteries through your computer's USB port.
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Bruce Brown
Used by Energizer Duo. The Energizer Duo is a device that can charge batteries via your computers USB port. Arucer.dll is used to show progress of charging via on-screen display.
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This file is asociated with Energizer usb plugin battery charger.
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George Xintarakos
This dll when used with user switching on Vista causes problems. When the second user logs in, rundll32.exe takes 100% cpu and a few minutes later the computer locks up.
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Anne Ominous
This DLL contains a trojan. See:
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It is a trojan:,54040.html
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