Is the 14hi1qs8.exe process a virus, spyware or malware?

Process description:

Play_MP3 Trojan

Author: Unknown
Part of: Downloader-UA.h downloader
Process '14hi1qs8.exe' is associated with the trojan 'PLAY_MP3' and is usually downloaded via a website that offers users a free MP3 or MPG song / video file or media player.

Process 14hi1qs8.exe is often spread via peer-to-peer file sharing networks. This process is known to direct users to a website from where the downloader 'Downloader-UA.h' may be downloaded and installed.

The file PLAY_MP3 is then able to display unwanted advertisements, intsall programs without the users consent and hijack parts of the users system and communicate with third parties.

* A 'Trojan' is an item of software or program that claims to perform a desirable function but often performs malicious functions undetected.
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What is this 14hi1qs8.exe process and what does it do?
... rated this process as unknown
Anyone have ANY info?
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