Is the getPlus_HelperSvc.exe process a virus, spyware or malware?

Process description:

getPlus(R) Helper

Author: Adobe
Part of: Unknown
The getPlus_HelperSvc.exe process is installed with selected Adobe software and runs as a service.

This process contacts Adobe and checks to see if any updates are available for your Adobe applications and if found, downloads them across the internet.
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Common location(s):
C:\Program Files\NOS\bin\getPlus_HelperSvc.exe
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sujit duitta
Why is the cause & meaning of this display at log in :
Windows cannot find the file "C:\Program Files\NOS\bin\getPlus_Helper ServiceSvc.exe"/Uninstall Get 1noarp.

How to get rid of this nuisance? CCleaner locates this as registry error but does not fix. Anti Spyware / Malware Cleaner programes doen not detect this as a spyware / malware.
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I hate to holler wolf, BUT...

Coincidences of cause and effect, I believe I'm right on this one!
Problem is, don't know what to do about it.

Been a week with remote tech support trying to get a new printer installed on one or both computers, both behaving badly. Neither had Adobe Reader installed, so they did it for me, and laptop finally accepted printer. In meantime, desktop, (on, online, but idle) shutdown with BSOD!

Exhausted,I shutdown for 2&1/2hrs sleep. Started up in safe mode and looked in event viewer; a cajillion errors for past week, most concerning services not being able to start. Also noticed new entry on start menu, (where did that come from?)

"NOS - getPlus+(R) for Adobe".

Searched, scanned, googled, & typed in Adobe support; INSECURE!!! click here to uninstall. Opened to oriental site. Am shutting down now, and try to uninstall. I am no techie, and know I will need help getting rid of it, or have to reload. I see your date is long time ago, but hope someone sees this and it helps!

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adobe flash player installation part
... rated this process as dangerous
This is part of the Adobe Flash Player installation and yes is very dangerous since they record all your online activities, they no longer store cookies in your pc to know what you are doing and this little activeX control programs do all the job for them.
... did not rate the security threat of this process.
why does getplus (r) helper always come up when I try to download flashplayer? My gaming applications are always freezing
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